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We realize what makes a studio successful is the power of the teachers. We have created a model for our prices we believe is fair to you, and that honors these extraordinary educators. When you sign up for Movement Lab, you will not only be taking care of yourself but you will be empowering them to continue investing in their growth!


You must be 18 years or older for all classes. Students under 18 may be able to attend if accompanied by an adult at the discretion of the instructor.


It is important that you arrive 10-15 minutes early for class. This is mandatory for all Aerial classes in order to have time to fit your hammock to you. If you are late for a class your spot may be given to someone on our wait-list.


Late cancels (less than 4 hours prior to class) and no shows:

We understand that sometimes plans change. However due to limited spot availability we require you to cancel at least 4 hours prior to your class start time.

Members – you will be charged $10 for any late cancel or no show.

Nonmember/drop ins – there will be no refund or credit given for any late cancel or no show.


If you are on a wait-list and a spot opens we will contact you by phone or email. However, we recommend you also be on-site for any last minute openings due to a no show.



Class Packages

New Member Offer
30 Days for $30

New members only. Not available online.

5 Class Package
$90 ($18 per class)

No expiration! 90 minute classes not included.

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10 Class Package
$160 ($16 per class)

No expiration! 90 minute classes not included.

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Drop In

90 Minute Class Drop-In


Ask about our other discounts - Family, Military, Student, Senior


Unlimited Autopay Membership

All classes included. A 30 day cancellation notice required. IMPORTANT: This notice must be 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current term.
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Discounted Autopay Membership

Special pricing for students, military, and senior citizens (60+) only. All classes included. A 30 day cancellation notice required. IMPORTANT: This notice must be 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current term.
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One Month Non-Autopay Membership

All classes included. This membership expires after one month and will need to be re-purchased.
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Our membership includes:
  • 10% Off Retail.
  • Discounts on all workshops and special events.
  • One free friend or family pass per month.
Please check our policies for cancellations and no-shows

Class Listings

Which Class is for Me?

Aerial Fitness Classes

How to Prepare for your first Aerial Class

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out waivers and get measured for your hammock. If you arrive late, your hammock will be given to a stand-by client.
  • Due to limited number of hammocks, any “no shows” or cancellations made after 8pm the night before will not be refunded. If you have a Monthly Membership and do not un-reserve before 8pm the night before and do not show up for class, you will be charged a $10 fee.
  • Please remove all jewelry, watches, hair clips or anything that could snag the Harrison Aerial Hammocks
  • We suggest you come in comfortable clothes. Make sure to wear darker color pants and a shirt with sleeves to prevent any discomfort or hammock “hickies”.
  • Contraindications – avoid Aerial inversions in case of: Pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery, heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, or motion sickness, osteoporosis / bone weakness, recent head injury, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold, hiatal hernia, disc herniation or acute discogenic disease, recent stroke, artificial hips, Radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine), severe muscle spasms, botox injections (within 6 hours)
  • All students are required to take 3 Aerial Fundamentals before moving on to Aerial Suspension Fitness and Aerial Yoga.


Must be 18 and up for Jumping and Aerial Classes. Participants ages 15 – 17 years old can attend if accompanied by an adult.

AntiGravity® Fusion

Mixing AntiGravity®’s FUNdamentals, Suspension Fitness, Aerial Yoga and Pilates, this class will challenge all sensations: flexility, agility, stability, mobility and strength.

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Antigravity® Fundamentals

In Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fundamentals offers the benefits of decompression from inverting the body, along with building strength, conditioning, advancing agility and coordination, as well as deep stretching and massage of muscles, tissue and the body’s spirit!

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*AntiGravity® Fundamentals is open to all levels and is a prerequisite for AntiGravity® Fusion and AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga.

Antigravity® Aerial Yoga

Explore the evolution of yoga into three-dimensional space using the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. Benefits include the increase of muscle flexibility and strength, joint mobility, hydration of vertebral discs, a deeper state of inner awareness, and an increase of self-esteem through conquering basic fears.

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*Must have completed 3 FUNdamentals of AntiGravity® Fitness classes.

Dance Classes

SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque, Pole, Chair

SpeakEasy Noir is a sensual movement experience and an immersive mind-body wellness practice. We explore Power, Pleasure & Play through erotic movement and emotional expression. Our rituals and healing arts promote freedom and personal transformation through creative play.

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Nia is a sensory based movement experience that blends 52 moves with 9 movement forms of the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. By moving and integrating all levels of the body–the base, the core, the upper extremities–through the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles, the entire body is given a workout. Nia offers you the choice to move towards pleasure and self-healing and away from pain. Flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength are the five sensations used as tools to guide you towards your optimal health and fitness.

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Adult Hip-Hop

Do you enjoy dancing to great music, feeling every muscle in your body, and the intention to walk away with a challenging yet empowering experience? Join this class! Each month, we cycle through one style of hip hop choreography, by learning body awareness and dance technique this class is sure to bring you high energy, swagg, and style! Your dance journey may start in this class or it could be picking up where you left off, wherever you are just allow your body to enjoy movement and have fun while you do it!

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RE-Search Dance

In this technique class we will explore different pathways designed to create movement, build strength, flexibility and coordination. Be ready to engage in full body expression through various tempos that will both challenge you and help create space to keep exploring.

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Jumping Fitness Classes

Jumping® Fitness

Jumping Fitness is a trampoline-based class that focuses on interval training for a whole body workout. The 45-minute class offers fun, high-energy music, and it allows you to go at your own pace to positively impact your overall health and fitness. Gentle on the joints, Jumping Fitness allows you to strengthen the heart, detoxify the body, boost the immune system, and give the lymph system a generous bath, all while reducing body fat, firming and toning muscles, and improving balance, agility and even eye-sight!


Must be 18 and up for Jumping Fitness Classes. Participants ages 15 – 17 years old can attend if accompanied by an adult.

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Yoga Classes

* Please bring your own mat or rent one for $3.

Budokon® Yoga

The Budokon® Yoga curriculum is a combination of intelligent alignment principles with the freedom of creative sequencing and the circular nature of Martial Arts.

Heavily influenced by Iyengar and Ashtanga yogic techniques, Budokon Yoga focuses on control, power and precision. These techniques are uniquely different from traditional Hatha Yoga in the sense that they not only work to improve range of motion and strength, but they also explore the body’s ability to sustain another person’s body weight.

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Detox Flow

This is a gentle flow class focused on meditative movements to help bring you out of your head and into your body.

Through gentle twists and frequent holds, you’ll learn to uncover things that need to be eliminated for your own personal freedom. Know that it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it FEELS.

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Creative Vinyasa Yoga

Whether you have done yoga for one month of 12 years, this class is designed for you. This class explores self expression on a new level by weaving dynamic movements, diverse breath work and energetics all together.

Each class honors yoga philosophy and encourages you to apply this knowledge at comfortable pace. Get in touch with your inner creativity and explore your unique internal rhythm.

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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

A blend of Hatha Yoga, a set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practiced more slowly and with more static posture holds preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation, with dynamic Vinyasa Yoga that links breath to movement.

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Yin Wind-Down Yoga

Ever fallen into a perfect post-savasana bliss, only to lose it five minutes after leaving the studio? Or found yourself stiff & sore after days of working out? Or wondered why you just can’t shake your lower back aches & pains? Meet YIN, a mix of breath-work, slow movement, and long holds designed to heal the body with a focus on fascia & deep tissue release. Bring yourself to your mat, and relax into a new awareness that might just help bring new light to these questions… and might just leave you feeling really, really good.

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Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga combines classic yoga asana and principles with cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Tribal dance.

All classes utilize spiral structure technique to facilitate the release + toning of the body – physical, emotional and energetic through primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints. Tribal dance movements come from all different roots Music guides our classes like an internal GPS to avoid having to listen to 8 counts or reps. The beat blended movement forces you out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY.

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Chi Yoga

Chi Yoga infuses principles of yoga, Qi Gong, physiotherapy, and martial arts to increase the therapeutic benefits of postures.


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Moon Mantras, Movement + Meditation

Ever wonder how the Lunar cycles may effect us from week to week? Tune in to the tides of your whole being as this gentle yoga class invites one to harmonize mind, body and spirit with the cycles of the Moon and Nature.

Activating a blend of yin and yang energies based on the moon and seasonal phases, “MMM” is a unique amalgamation of mindfulness, mantra (sacred word vibrations & affirmations), meditation, asana (body postures), pranayama (breath work) and somatic sound healing practices (Nāda). In this nourishing council-style class, we explore our subtler waters and patterns by acknowledging the healing powers of our cyclical nature.

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Yin + Yang Fusion

Life is a dance between this ever-present yin & yang energy, and in order to feel balanced and at ease… we must allow ourselves to give and receive both fully.

In this yoga class, we start slow with the practice of YIN yoga: long holds that work the connective tissue & fascia and offer release and surrender in the body. We then build into it’s YANG counterpart: stimulating breath work, dynamic movement, and energetic practices. And we finish by returning to our YIN state: grounding, slowing the mind and body, and completing with yoga nidra, meditation, or a long savasana.

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Other Movement Classes

Free Form Movement

Drop into the grounding nature of floor work, improvisation, and acrobatics. Connect with the sensations of fluidity, control, and joint mobility through creative sequencing and conditioning drills. Executing these movements smoothly requires a relaxed body, an open mind and attention to the calisthenics feedback provided by the floor. This class invites you to find a different form of freedom in your body by exploring the connections between yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion, calisthenics and modern dance.

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Calisthenics and Mobility

Mobility is a form of movement to increase the stability and active range of motion in your joints. It is very dependent on your mind, because your brain can limit or increase the range of motion in all of your joints. It is designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and aerobic conditioning. It is an art form of using your own body weight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability.

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Meditation Classes

Floating Sound Bath + Gong Meditation

Allow yourself be cocooned in our comfy Antigravity Hammocks while you are led on a journey through sound using his powerful Gongs, Singing Bowls and sacred healing mantras. Relax into the sound and be bathed by the vibrations on a cellular level while you float on a cozy cloud of warmth and lightness.

A gong bath meditation is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages.

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Floating Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is the deeply relaxed state where the practitioner is led into their own internal landscape in order to not only relax but to ease tension, anxiety, depression and any physical ailments that may be present. In the liminal space, where the consciousness is between waking and sleeping, healing can occur. In Floating Yoga Nidra, you will be cocooned in the Antigravity Harrison Hammock and led into deep relaxation.

There will also be sound healing from crystal singing bowls and the potential/option for journaling any realizations or releases, so please bring a journal if you choose to.

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Martial Arts Classes

BDK Mixed Movement

The practice of Budokon consists of a unique style of yoga, calisthenics, martial arts and mobility. This class intends to integrate these modalities so you can experience & explore your body’s main sensations of: flexibly, mobility, agility, stability and strength.

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Healing with Qigong

Qigong is an ancient mind-body-spirit practice that combines gentle movement, meditation, and breath to promote optimum health and wellness. Tai chi is the most well-known style of qigong. It has also been referred to as “energy yoga”. Practice self-care by slowing down, focusing your attention inward, and leave feeling refreshed and with a greater sense of peace. We practice new routines each month.

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Kickboxing Conditioning is an exciting class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout. You’ll learn basic Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Western-Style Boxing, calisthenics, partner drills, pad work, and core strengthening exercises.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art whose central theme is the skill of controlling an opponent through the use of patience, leverage, balance and agility.

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Which class is for me?


Have you ever looked at a class schedule and asked yourself, “which class is right for me?” Movement Lab is committed to encouraging each individual to honor their unique body, mind and spirit. Acknowledge the subtle shifts and changes from day to day, week to week, or year to year.

What you want out of your movement class may vary depending on these many factors. For all these reasons, we have designed the ‘Integration Chart’.

  • STEP 1: Check in with your wellness goals and how you feel mentally and physically today.
  • STEP 2: Use the chart to define your Body Intensity (1-3) and Mindfulness Level (1-3) needs for the class.
  • STEP 3: Choose a class that matches your desired levels.


Jumping Fitness B3 / M1
Yinyasa Yoga B2 / M3

Class Schedule

We have classes for every body and every mind. You can view our upcoming class schedule on our MindBody Online page:

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